dispute resolutionThere may come those times when you have legal disputes with someone in your family, neighborhood, work, or the government. When these situations arise they can be in a variety of legal areas. This is when it is a perfect time to seek legal advice from the specialist with a legal practice management system in whatever area of expertise you may need. Here are some examples:

Alternative dispute resolution– This particular choice can solve the problem without the need for a judge, nor a jury. What this consists of is you, and the person or company you are having the dispute with, literally sitting down with your legal councils, and hashing everything out. It is sometimes much quicker, but definitely simpler, than taking days, weeks or months to go through a lengthy court battle.

Civil rights-This legal area is a much more complicated one. Civil rights comes up when an employer either fails to hire you, or fires you because of your race, age, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Situations like this result in either a court battle which could become public, or an out of court settlement of some monetary value.

Class actions-These legal battles involve a multiple of people who file lawsuit against corporations in many cases. These situations arise when a corporation has a policy which hurts many employees in the area of working hours and pay, or working conditions which are substandard and dangerous to health.

intellectual propertyIntellectual property laws-This legal area is far different than any other area of law. This is because it deals with ideas from the human brain. This includes, but is not limited to patent laws, copyright laws, and artistic laws. Patent laws are things like inventions.

Anything from the invention of the electric light bulb, to the newest technological breakthrough in personal computers. It also deals with scripts from the television and motion picture industries. Whenever someone thinks of an idea for a television series, then writes it down and sells the idea to a television network, then nobody else can take that idea and use it as their own. This applies also to movie scripts, both made from another medium, or an original idea. This is why television networks and movie studios have their own legal departments. When intellectual property comes into play, there could be millions of dollars at stake, and many months of court battles to go through.